We believe it doesn't take much, to do something great!!

We'll have dates & times coming soon so we can all participate together, but please feel free to do this as frequently as you'd like.


1. Find a location in your neighborhood that needs cleaning.

Your street, a park, a shopping center, or even a parking lot.


2. Assemble your team by reaching out to friends with a day & time you'd like to meet, and share it on your socials. 


3. Meet up at the location with gloves, trash bags, and a smile. 

4. Fill up your bag/s with trash, take a pic with the team and the bags using the hashtag #HometownCleanUp 


You'll be AMAZED by how much can get done in a short amount of time. 

Let's be the leaders in our community that take pride in our neighborhood by demonstrating how easy it is to make a difference.